Extractive Industry

extractive industry

Statewide Drilling is a corporate member and professional supplier to The Construction, Material Processors Association (CMPA), providing drilling and ground assessment services to its quarrying and resource sector clients.

Our involvement in this area spans more than 20 years over which an extensive knowledge of ground conditions and appropriate drilling methods has been built.

Service areas


  • Greenfield and pit expansion exploratory drilling
  • Specialized low ground pressure rigs and support equipment
We offer

Hammercore Drilling:

Invented by Phil Tosch (ex Vic Drill) who recently retired after 20 years with Statewide. This technique allows ‘N’ or ‘H’ size coring, of sand and gravel deposits.  Minimal disturbance, core tray presentation, to 50m depth.


Diamond Drilling:

Core sizes: PQ, HQ, NQ/NQ2

Triple Tube

Down hole survey

Core orientation


Reverse Circulation (R.C.):

  • R.C. (4.0″) to 170m
  • Aircore
  • Open hole
extractive-industry-soft  Soft Formation:
  • Specialized tungsten coring or clays and very soft rock
  • Continuous push tube (macrocore)