Geotechnical Consulting

Statewide GEOTECHNICAL (aust) Pty Ltd

We are an affiliate company to Statewide Drilling, connected by common ownership.

Under the stewardship of partner David Alkemade (Engineering Geologist) Statewide Geotechnical (Aust) Pty Ltd employs a professional team of Geotechnical Engineers, Engineering Geologists, Soils and Laboratory technicians.

We undertake all aspects of site investigations and have completed in excess of 30,000 separate ground investigation projects for clients including consulting engineers, commercial and industrial builders, residential builders, national utility companies, local authorities and government organisations.

Services include:-

  • ‘Desk Top’ study
  • Pre purchase assessment
Pre planning assessment
  • Site Drilling (including deep hole and tight access)
  • Borehole testing (pressuremeter, SPT, DCP, Vane Shear)
  • Excavator Test Pitting and footing exposures
  • Groundwater (monitoring bores, pumping and permeability testing)
  • Soil Resistivity Testing
Testing Services
  • ‘In House’ Soils Laboratory
Engineering Services

We provide both factual and interpretative reports that allow for safe, efficient and economical design.  Our key area of geotechnical consulting include;-

  • Ground Investigation Design
  • Geological and Hydrogeological profiling
  • Foundations, Piling, Basements, Substations
  • Retaining Structures
  • Slope Engineering and Slope Stabilisation
  • Building Distress Investigation
  • Earthworks Design and monitoring
  • Road Pavement

Detailed, Structured Investigations and Comprehensive, Accurate Reports.

  • Residential and Mixed Use Developments
  • Land Capability Assessments and Percolation Testing
301-slope-failure  Slope and Rock Face Stability Assessment
 302-residential-high-rise High Rise Developments with multi-level basement
 303-domestic-dwelling New Dwellings and Extensions
 304-road-pavement Road Pavement Evaluation and Design
 305-terminal-stn Telecommunication Towers and Infrastructure
 306-wall-damage Building Distress Investigations
Comprehensive Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability
  • Fleet and Equipment
  • Workcover